Advocacy has been a facet of life for decades in Portland, OR; however unlike protests of the past  on war or environmental issues, racism is a much more complicated matter in a city with 71% pf the population being non-Latino white.


According to the December 2019 Portland OR Housing Bureau Report, the average income for black families in Portland, OR is  less than half ($29,864) of the median average for white families ($65,945) . While representing a minority, approx. 6% of Portland's population, they over-represent in measures of illness, poverty, homelessness, prosecution for criminal acts. 


COVID-19 has shed light on these inequities and a legacy of white supremacy that despite the risks of the global pandemic, has brought races together to chant "stolen lands and stolen people".


The Bernard Coffey Veterans Foundation is proud to partner with the Oregon Health Authority to provide healthcare, behavioral health, COVID-19 testing, social and community engagement services to respond to needs of people of color, homeless, immigrant, refugee, undocumented, migrant , Native American and Veteran members in the Portland, OR communities.